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Akarsh Rai

Web Designer and developer Intern

My name is Akarsh Rai, a 17 years high school graduate (2021). I'm a web developer at ScoutsDaily. I'm extremely passionate about problem-solving because it really teaches me how to think. I love researching and particularly interested in the field of technology.

Currently, I'm a young member at the New York Academy of Sciences where I researched and found solutions to real-world problems. I'm a Software Test Analyst at PathCheck Foundation, led by MIT, Harvard, Mayo Clinic, Berkeley, WHO, HHS, I-DAIR, and many corporations and tech companies. I'm a WordPress web developer and web designer. I also have a skill in Adobe Photoshop (Beginner) and the SQL language(intermediate).

I started a startup "Booknation" with 3 friends of mine that aim to provide books(used) to underprivileged kids or those who can't afford to buy books for their studies across the country, ensuring every kid has access to books at the cheapest price.

I aim to research in the field of technology to make the defence and gaming sector more advanced and want to make education more accessible and affordable to all sections of society.


Akarsh Rai
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