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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

At the very heart of guiding and scouting has always been a commitment to help others in need. In the midst of this global pandemic, while face-to-face meetings might be cancelled, guides and girl scouts across the world are springing into action, leaning on our shared values to guide us in taking collective action for our communities when it matters the most.

Our global family is joined together by a shared promise. It takes many forms in many languages but at the heart of each one are two phrases - to do our best and to help other people. Previous generations of guides and girl scouts have helped their communities to navigate all sorts of crises - from flooding to fires, to the impacts of war. Now, in this time of great uncertainty, anxiety and the unprecedented circumstances of a global pandemic, this generation is playing its part in the response efforts and supporting their communities, all underpinned by the shared values of our movement.

A Guide’s duty is to be useful and to help others - Supporting our communities

Government advice and restrictions vary from country to country, and so guides and the scouts are finding themselves in very different situations to before - perhaps school is cancelled, they can’t meet their troop and social distancing makes face-to-face interactions impossible. However, in other countries especially in Asian countries, still have to wear a face mask and inside the public places, they have to sanitize their hands with alcohol, they also restricted others from under age of going outside, unless it's emergency.

It maybe a big impact for all scouts and communities, but in a very different situation from facing in a virtual conversations (chat or webcam), can still communicated and helped each other from the difficult times they struggles, they say in any situation, there is always a smile in any difficult times that we faced.

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